Greetings from CEO

“Innovation starts with small changes that can be implemented.
We will create a brand with global competitiveness through change and challenging spirit.”

We will create a new culture and value of household goods.
- Challenge and Success as a Manufacturing Company!

Since its foundation in 2002, JOONG WON Co. (Ltd) has been a company that improves the quality of life of the customers through all the processes from manufacturing, branding, sales and distribution to everyday necessities. In order to make a leap, we are launching a manufacturing business in 2017 to provide a new paradigm of living.

We will be a company that speaks as a result through honest process.
- Creation of life culture value by quick action rather than words!

In order to realize quality competitiveness through technological competitiveness in the honest process that consumers can trust and use, we are producing products that give priority to consumers and putting the best service into practice by acting rather than words. We will always do our best to help our customers improve the value of their lives from the small changes that they can make rather than remaining in the present. Thank you very much.

CEO Kim Sung Hoon