Introduction of establishments


head office of JOONGWON INC.

There is a department of business planning, integrated operation, domestic sales, marketing, overseas sales, customer support, etc. which is the central part of all business of planning, sales and distribution of living products necessary for overall life.

Address - 205 Joongang-ro, Pyungtaek-si, Gyunggi-do
Telephone 1566-3343

Seoul office

Designs that move the world, attractive brands

As a space to communicate brand value to customers, we operate a Seoul office to communicate with customers from planning to design to marketing.

Address 3rd floor, Yeosan Building, 518, Nonhyeon-ro, Seoul
Telephone 1566-3343

Health care manufacturing factory

health care manufacturing factory for manufacturing women's sanitary napkin

Healthcare manufacturing plant located in Innovation City, Chungbuk province maximizes production efficiency by integrating all the processes necessary for the production of sanitary napkins from raw material purchasing to refining, processing, packaging and quality control. In addition to manufacturing, we store products produced as a distribution support center, and are responsible for direct shipping to each business site. Based on the excellent infrastructure, we have established a place for innovative job creation and successful overseas expansion of companies and OEM.

Address Taejungro 124, Myeongdong-myeon, Eumsung-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
Telephone 1566-3343

Cosmetic manufacturing factory

Cosmetic manufacturing factory produces baby wipes and daily wet tissues.

JOONGWON Cosmetics Manufacturing Plant strives to maintain the production efficiency and excellent quality with the automation system of all production processes and the dedicated researcher resident of attached laboratory. Based on our excellent infrastructure, we are accelerating our efforts to reach the global market according to the global standard of product quality.

Address 52 gil, Sangdan Road, Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do
Telephone 1566-3343