Sanitary napkin manufacturing

Manufacture safe and excellent sanitary
napkins for healthy life of women

Main business

Integrated quality control and manufacturing with quality as a top priority in the entire process of delivering safe and superior sanitary napkin products to consumers for a healthy lifestyle for women

ISO 9001: We adhere to the principles of 2015 quality management

1. In order to meet customer requirements, we strive to exceed customer expectations with the most important focus of quality management.
2. We achieve goals through active participation of personnel to provide high quality, best service, and strive to manage the organization's strategies, policies, processes, and resources.
3. We maintain current level of results, respond to changes in internal and external conditions, and create new opportunities.

Production Site Operation - Smart Factory

1. Technical ability of performance that applies detailed data analysis at the design stage
2. We are striving to efficiently manage the production environment, allocate resources, forecast production, set up a work plan for each facility, allocate real time work, and manage manpower

Logistics warehouse - Smart logistics warehouse support

1. It provides the agility, optimization, compatibility, and coordination needed to make influential decisions on a real-time basis, from arrival to picking, staging, and loading