Wet Tissue Manufacturing

Reliable manufacturing with
accredited certification

JOONGWON INC. Is a company that creates the value of living close to customers through all processes from manufacturing,
distribution and sales of daily necessities for all life based on the trust of customers.

Main business

Manufacturing system to maintain the production efficiency and excellent quality by the specialist system of a wet tissue whole production process automation system and a company attached laboratory resident

Production through strict quality control system
Through JOONGWON's reliable product production know-how and rigorous inspection process, we receive international certification (ISO) and maintain high quality.

ISO certification?

ISO 9001 is an international standard for the quality management system established by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). It is the system certifying that the product or service realization system provided to the consumer satisfies the specified requirements by a third party certification body.

Quality management system

- Raw material

Common: conformity assessment | Obtain material safety data
Fabric: Hazardous Materials Test | Strain test | Visit company, check quality control system
Raw materials: Hazardous substance test | Check skin irritation | Retest sample with finished product sample

- Sub materials

Common: conformity assessment | Confirm vendor authentication
Film: Confirmation of management standard (same as food standard) | Identify harmful components in the film that the product touches
Cap: Check skin irritation (corner)

- Quality Management

Purified water: Manufactured through 10 step tablets | PH, properties such as purified water condition check | Management through disinfection, sterilization | Monthly tank, piping etc. strain check | Prevent the influx of harmful substances using edible ethanol at the time of disinfection
Fabric: Physical and chemical test at the time of each stocking | Microbiological examination
Material : Physical and chemical test at the time of each stocking | Microbiological examination
Sub materials: Inspection staff placement at each receipt, conformity assessment | Stability test by cycle
Semi-finished products: Cleaning of the production line twice a day, disinfection | Line monitoring monitor placement | Metal detectors, weight checker, etc. | Quality Manager process inspection once every hour
Completed products: Determination of suitability for sensory evaluation such as pickability, moisture, etc. | Progress of microorganism experiment by time frame (takes 5 days of validation) | Request for Hazardous Substances to Certified Analytical Institutions by Period | Request of skin irritation test to authorized analysis agency by period
Other : Training for quality personnel in each cycle | Continuous corrective action through internal audit and education | Customer evaluation and analysis through external review and monitoring, improvement activities | Customer complaints handling system operation through the composition of a specialized CS team | Acquire ISO 9001, 22716 and other excellent quality manufacturing system certification

Produced by outstanding quality control systems

1. We verify that our production equipment meets the equipment and sanitation meeting international standards.
2. It is produced by performing repeated inspections for safety based on strict criteria for harmful substance inspection and microbiological inspection and manufacturing in several times

Production Site Operation - Smart Factory

1. We have training and technical competence to apply detailed data analysis to the design phase.
2. We are striving to efficiently manage the production environment, allocate resources, forecast production, plan work plans for each facility, allocate real time work, and manage manpower.